Building of online evaluation system based on socket protocol

Peng Jiang1, Kexin Yan2, Haijian Chen3 and Hai Sun4

  1. Jingan Branch Campus, Shanghai Open University
    Shanghai 200040, China
  2. Management School, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
    Shanghai 201620, China
  3. Shanghai Academic Credit Transfer and Accumulation Bank for Lifelong Education
    Shanghai 200433, China
  4. School of Management, Fudan University
    Shanghai 200433, China


As an important part of the evaluation reform, online evaluation system can effectively improve the efficiency of evaluation work, which has been paid attention by teaching institutions. The online evaluation system needs to support the safe and stable transmission of information between the client and the server, and socket protocol establishes the connection through the listening port, which can easily carry out the message transmission and process control. Because it can well meet the construction requirements of online evaluation system, it is applied in our study. The building of online evaluation system based on socket protocol includes the function design of students and teachers, data flow design, evaluation difficulty grading design and system implementation. The system uses Java language and MVC mode for development, which has good scalability and platform-independence. It realizes the paperless examination process and greatly reduces the workload of teachers. The contribution of this paper is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is to explore the construction of an online evaluation system based on the socket protocol, and it provide an Asynchronous IO technical solution for the network communication between the student and the server, which provides a reference for the development of similar systems. The second is to give the realization method of the difficulty classification of the evaluation, and classify the difficulty of the test questions, which lays the foundation for carrying out personalized testing and evaluation.

Key words

online evaluation system; socket protocol; MVC mode; Asynchronous IO

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