The Application of E-commerce Recommendation System in Smart Cities based on Big Data and Cloud Computing

Yiman Zhang1

  1. College of Oujiang, Wenzhou University
    Wenzhou, 325035, China


In the era of big data, the amount of Internet data is growing explosively. How to quickly obtain valuable information from massive data has become a challenging task. To effectively solve the problems faced by recommendation technology, such as data sparsity, scalability, and real-time recommendation, a personalized recommendation algorithm for e-commerce based on Hadoop is designed aiming at the problems in collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm. Hadoop cloud computing platform has powerful computing and storage capabilities, which are used to improve the collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on project, and establish a comprehensive evaluation system. The effectiveness of the proposed personalized recommendation algorithm is further verified through the analysis and comparison with some traditional collaborative filtering algorithms. The experimental results show that the e-commerce system based on cloud computing technology effectively improves the support of various recommendation algorithms in the system environment; the algorithm has good scalability and recommendation efficiency in the distributed cluster, and the recommendation accuracy is also improved, which can improve the sparsity, scalability and real-time problems in e-commerce personalized recommendation. This study greatly improves the recommendation performance of e-commerce, effectively solves the shortcomings of the current recommendation algorithm, and further promotes the personalized development of e-commerce.

Key words

e-commerce, personalized recommendation, cloud computing, big data

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Volume 18, Issue 4 (September 2021)
Year of Publication: 2021
ISSN: 1820-0214 (Print) 2406-1018 (Online)
Publisher: ComSIS Consortium

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Zhang, Y.: The Application of E-commerce Recommendation System in Smart Cities based on Big Data and Cloud Computing. Computer Science and Information Systems, Vol. 18, No. 4, 1359–1378. (2021),